Aristoteles Beach Hotel is located in the historical region of Afitos, in Kassandra, the western peninsula of Chalkidiki.

Apart from the unique view, this impressive panoramic location offers the visitor direct access to one of the most remarkable sandy beaches of Kassandra through a characteristic footbridge, leading via an elevator to the deep blue waters of Toroneos gulf.

Afitos stands out for its picturesque character, distinguishing it from any other place in Chalkidiki. It is located quite high above sea level. The majority of the houses are built with stone and lots of beautiful flowers decorate their yards. The largest part of Afitos is paved with slabs and, in combination with the stone-houses, creates the impression of being on a small island and wandering around its alleys.


Afitos appears in the works of Herodotus, Thoukydides, Aristotle and many other philosophers, composed five thousand years ago. The sanctuary of Dionysus, dating from the 8th century B.C., and the temple of Ammon Zeus, dating from the 4th century B.C., significantly contributed in establishing Afitos as a major polis in antiquity. Flourishing over the archaic and classical years, Afitos had its own currency depicting the head of Ammon Zeus, the polis’ guardian god.

Afitos offers everything you might be looking for: cafés, taverns, bars, a fully equipped local market, shopping outlets. Once you arrive in Afitos, it is recommended that you visit the facilities along the beach and enjoy a cup of coffee, or taste delicious seafood dishes in the taverns viewing to the endless sea.

Although Afitos is not famous for the intensity of its nightlife, a number of beautiful bars and taverns give the visitor the opportunity to experience the delight of tranquility. After all, Kallithea, the town offering by far the most intense nightlife in Chalkidiki, lies just a few kilometers away.

Several events take place in Afitos during the summer, including:

  •  23 and 24 June: the Feast of Klidonas
  • -July: 5-days long festival in the honor of Nikos Paralis
  • Last Saturday of July: Swim-crossing of Toroneos gulf. Several festive events take place during the eve.
  • August: 8-days long festival entitled “Bridges of Culture”
  • 15 August: 5-days long cultural festival including concerts, dancing and theatrical spectacles, running races, swimming races, donkey races and bike races, as well as painting, sculpture and book exhibitions.